About Babies
Suzanne Colson RM, PhD: fabulous website

The mother organization of all breastfeeding, and a mother lode of information and resources.
This site has a section to help you locate a lactation consultant.
The International Lactation Consultant Association.

Nikki was the first lactation consultant to pull all the information together to create this resource directory for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, in 1992. If you can’t find it in here, it probably doesn’t exist!

Kay Hoover MEd, IBCLC, FILCA expanded the resource guide during her 12 years as the lactation consultant for the PDPH.  This link takes you to a website where you can download the latest Pink Book, as well as My Breastfeeding Plan and What Mothers Say, handouts for pregnant women.

The Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice maintains a directory of Certified Lactation Counselors, Advanced Lactation Consultants, and Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultants.

This is the US Department of Health and Human Services website that has useful information about a variety of women’s health issues in it, including breastfeeding.

This website is a motherlode of current information about what is happening in lactation nationally and politically.

Suzanne Arms’ website that says it all for me.
Women and families can use childbirth classes to discover their beliefs about birth, to express their fears and concerns, and to choose the perfect environment to be able to open safely and let the baby come out. Women already have the knowledge in their bodies to birth. When they pick the best environment and a practitioner that they trust, their body’s wisdom can do the rest. You can find a childbirth educator near you from this website, which also features a message board for parents.

Craniosacral Therapy
The Upledger Institute has pioneered this gentle therapy, and offers workshops everywhere in the world. This site has information about finding therapists in your location, as well as resources (videos, books, and other products) and a marvelous smorgasbord of other therapies (such as Lymphatic Drainage, Zero-Balancing, and animal therapies).

Infant Massage
I was certified as an infant massage instructor through Diana Moore’s organization. You can find an infant massage instructor at this site.

My husband. I am very proud of him. He is happy in his work, playing music and making and fixing violins to sound great and look good.

My husband and daughter have a performing duo, along with 2 recordings.