People have made lovely comments about Nikki’s talks:


Enjoyed the case studies, which related very well to clinical practice.

She used many different teaching techniques and held my attention for the full 90 minutes.

Very prepared and enthusiastic.

Informative and well-organized.

She feels everything so deeply and has a strong inner core of purpose.

Eloquent speaker, wonderful background, subtle and effective approach to natural birth, great laugh!

Mothers and clients have said:


First thing I ever conquered by myself.

From a satisfied mother, nursing her second baby, who received lactation support, CST and SER assistance.

My headache, that I had all my life, went away.

From a relieved 18-year old man with learning disorder, and an horrific birth. (I’ll never know why he never came back!) He received CST.

I love how it is so gentle.

From an infant massage instructor, watching babies respond to CST.

Amazing to discover that a key to healing is in my own intuition.

From a middle-aged male healthcare professional who received CST.

I want to thank you very much for all your teachings and support. I really needed you and I felt you were totally there for me. Muchas gracias!

From a first time mother who received lactation support services.


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