Infant Massage Instructor

Infant Massage
Infant massage is an ancient art that is soothing, easy to learn, and simple to add into life with a baby. Imagine massaging the little legs during a diaper change, or rubbing the little back while carrying the baby. See your baby be calmed by your touch, a wonderful tool for a new parent! Infant massage is a wonderful way to have quality time and reconnect with your baby or child after a long day away at work.

Infant Massage InstructionAn amazing part of infant massage is that it opens new ways to talk with a baby, as new babies learn more through their skin  than through their ears. Infant massage has health benefits, particularly if a baby has missed labor due to a scheduled cesarean section.

Parents can learn to massage their babies easily, with one or two classes. Nikki will demonstrate on her doll and the parent will copy the massage strokes on the baby.

Nursing mothers groups have enjoyed Nikki’s infant massage class. The audience participation makes this activity a terrific fund raiser!

Nikki’s certification is from Loving Touch, International.

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