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musicaNikki has been playing guitar since 1990. While her first love is for Cajun music, she also enjoys playing old-time music.  She has taught a beginning guitar class at several dance and music camps, played in several concerts and showcases (accompanying her husband, Rafe), and has been a resident musician at Ashokan Southern Week for years. She also writes CD and book reviews for The Old-Time Herald.

MusicianNikki currently plays in the Stefanini Family Band (with Rafe and their daughter Clelia). She has made several recordings. One (as yet to be released) is of Cajun tunes accompanying fiddler Mitch Reed; three others feature Rafe Stefanini on fiddle, with Nikki providing guitar back-up on some tunes. In April 2012, Rafe Stefanini and Clelia Stefanini released their 2nd CD, “Lady in Green”; Nikki is so happy to be included in this project, playing on 2 tunes.

MusicanIn May 2005, Nikki’s world changed again after attending an Irish guitar workshop led by John Doyle. Since that time, she’s been going to 3 sessions a week, playing bodhran and guitar and dreaming of being in a local Irish band.

Nikki plays a 2010 Martin Madagascar Marquise OM-V, and a Seamus O’Kane bodhran.

In 2011, Nikki gave up on learning Irish guitar, finding it too difficult. All the study and playing in Irish sessions has taught her lots of wonderful new chords (in dropped-D tuning) and improved her old-time guitar playing. Nothing is ever lost!

Rafe’s recordings (Glory on the Big String, Hell and Scissors and Ladies Fancy) are available from County Sales, at You may also contact Rafe directly at  Rafe and Clelia’s first recording, “Never Seen the Like Since Getting Upstairs”, and their second recording “Lady in Green”  are both available from several internet sites, including and

Call Nikki at 215.635.6477 if you are interested in hiring in a square dance band for a party or event!

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