What’s happened to birth control options?

When I was growing up, birth control meant a variety of things: vaginal cream, diaphragms, condoms, the rhythm method, and the Pill.  Today, when someone says “I’m on birth control”, everyone knows they mean hormonal stuff. How did birth control come to mean only hormonal methods? After watching a terrific movie last night with my.. read more →

Keep your lungs healthy.

In 10th grade,  we high school students had to watch a scary video in our health/gym class about smoking. We were exhorted never to smoke, and saw ghoulish photographs of blackened shrunken lungs contrasted with juicy pink healthy ones.  Later, when we got on the bus to go home, a flock of students rushed to.. read more →

Snow White and the Stolen Kiss.

Some people are complaining about the Disney cartoon movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/disney-fans-worried-cancel-culture-coming-snow-white-dwarfs/ The handsome Prince brought the sleeping Snow White back to life and love by kissing her as she lay in spellbound sleep. The Prince didn’t ask Snow White’s permission; Snow White was in no condition to give permission. Consent.. read more →

Reaction without reflection makes a mess.

Dr. Fiona Jardine edits neuropsychological assessment reports about children. She sometimes uses  a template called “Twice Exceptionality” when writing about children with high intelligence and ADHD. How I wish I had known this about myself before now. “Twice exceptionality means that because of the child’s high intellectual abilities, she tends to intellectualize and verbalize information.. read more →

Common Sense breastfeeding II

I was referred to a young couple, parents of a 3-month old, by a friend. The couple was struggling with their baby’s reflux, wanted information about TummyTime!, and breastfeeding. Thanks to the miracle of ZOOM, we all spoke together today. I got to see their sweet baby and their dog. The parent in greatest distress.. read more →

Common Sense Breastfeeding

A nurse from Mississippi sent me an email today that captured the essence of my teaching so well that I want to share it. She said,“You have given me so much to think about regarding breastfeeding – you make it sound like “common sense!” She went on to tell me what she understood after taking.. read more →