6 months postpartum, and still wanting to breastfeed.

RP was clearly anxious and guarded during our initial telephone conversation, where she told me of her dream to breastfeed, even after all this time, and of her hope that craniosacral therapy would help. My intuition spoke to me after she hung up. On the day of her appointment, as the time drew near, I.. read more →

Taking care of myself.

I am sick; yesterday, the new cold brought coughs, drips and fever and sent me to bed feeling  awful. This morning the fever is gone, but the coughs and drips remain. I have things I want to do; I am feeling a little better, so I could go out for an hour or so and.. read more →

Things MDs said to breastfeeding mothers:

Baby kept in the hospital for a bilirubin level of 11 on Day 3, secondary to “breastfeeding insufficiency.” Baby treated for rising bilirubin level. I made 10 contacts in the first month of the baby’s life. Baby gained 1 pound/week, happy and healthy. . .except that MD told the mother that baby could have liver.. read more →

Quitting breastfeeding not the answer.

AG’s husband had lost his job at AT&T during her pregnancy. Shortly after AG went home with her baby, they were evicted from their apartment as they were unable to afford the rent. They had purchased a shell of a house to rehabilitate, but at the time of her delivery, it lacked electricity, heat and.. read more →

A call in time saves a lot.

MJ was a 44 year old mother who delivered a boy by cesarean section. She began breastfeeding in the hospital and was referred to me on postpartum day #5; in the 90s, people stayed in the hospital longer after a surgical delivery. Her baby was still pooping dark colored poops; his mother reported that he.. read more →

Encouragement matters.

A young woman wanted to breastfed and was referred to me, the lactation consultant in the program (A Better Start, based out of Osteopathic Hospital in the 1990s)  that was providing her prenatal care.  She had only 2 weeks off before being required to return to school to complete the requirements for her degree. She.. read more →