14 Dec 2013

Babies know when they are ready to be born.

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Standing in a crowd around a booth at a craft show today, I overheard two people talking about a woman they both knew. One said to the other, “She talked her doctor into waiting until the day after Christmas to take the baby, instead of the day before.”  Both people were happy and excited to know that the baby would be born soon, a 4th grandchild to one of them.

I interjected, “But this isn’t good for the baby.” They turned to look at me. “Babies that are induced are often premature. How happy will this mother be if her baby is in the NICU?”  My tone was sincere and concerned, so that the door to dialogue was open. They asked me to explain more. I told them that induction of labor was one reason that babies went to intensive care.  Obviously there was not a serious medical reason to induce labor if the doctor was willing to negotiate the date. Babies know when they are ready to be born.

One said, “well, but this mother needed help to get pregnant.” I replied, “So why would anyone assume she would need help to get the baby out just because she got help to make the baby?”

There was the wonderful silence of people mulling information over. “I never thought about that,” said one.  “Think about it, ” I replied, and walked away.


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