Blog: Morning ThoughtsThere are always new stories and new ideas. The stories come from mothers, babies, and research. The ideas come from me, after 30+ years of clinical practice, usually in the morning. Hence the category: Morning Thoughts.

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Catharsis Triad of Behaviors in Infants

  Who hasn’t had felt an unexpected surge of emotion while being massaged? Perhaps we are lying on the table, drifting away contentedly, and then are suddenly in tears or very sad. The massage therapist has touched a place in us that remembers, and the associated feeling has been released. Our bodies and emotions are interwoven;.. read more →

Hanging Up My Skates

4 years ago, wanting to be sure it was good for me to continue skating,  I went to a sports medicine doctor who x-rayed my knees, said that there were some arthritic changes, along with good space between my femur and tibia, and recommended that I  stop jumping. I immediately followed his advice and gave.. read more →

A difference between men and women?

He and I went to our Sunday morning yoga class, located in a gym in a small mall that also contains stores and a Walgreen’s drugstore. The drugstore called a few days ago, to say that his prescription was ready. After leaving yoga, as we were right next to the drugstore, I suggested that he.. read more →

Thank you, Dr. Lamaze.

Thank you, Dr. Lamaze Marjorie Karmel Pinter and Martin, 1959 English; paperback; 162 pages Orders: search for the title; can be found at recycled book sites. I bought it from Amazon for $ (US) 1.50 + s & h   The history of birthing practices and breastfeeding in the US has been influenced by the.. read more →

The death of courtesy.

I was waiting at the intersection for the light to change, and watching the traffic move through the light.  A man in a BMW convertible let fly with a string of profanities, aimed at the driver in front of him, a woman who stopped, shocked, stuck her head out the window, and asked, “What?”  I.. read more →

Learning to disconnect.

My father, as a 19-year old soldier wrote this on February 3, 1945 to his Mom and Dad: “How can I write or speak of some of the horrors I have been forced to witness?  I don’t know whether or not I should. Why should I depress you – – you’d only worry. But in.. read more →