Blog: Morning ThoughtsThere are always new stories and new ideas. The stories come from mothers, babies, and research. The ideas come from me, based on 46+ years of clinical practice, and observation. The ideas arrive mostly in the morning. Hence the category: Morning Thoughts.

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Why a bottle of formula appeals.

This morning’s cartoon from my favorite strip, For Better or For Worse, gave me an insight.   For most of my whole working life, I have worked to encourage exclusive breastfeeding for at least 6 months, and sustained breastfeeding for as long as possible.  However, while many women dream of breastfeeding for a long time, there.. read more →

No such thing as coincidence. . . .

Carolyn Myss PhD, the medical intuitive, has said something like,  “There are no such things as coincidences. Coincidences are for amateurs”.  In other words, everything in the universe is connected. I have found this to be true. This weekend is probably the last weekend on this planet for my daughter’s sister-in-law, who has been working.. read more →

Purging stuff.

Mother’s Day was different this year; I spent it purging. Ever since I left home at 17, I have been accumulating stuff: letters and photographs, books and clothes, newspapers and toys, records and old typewriters, furniture and dishes. My grandmothers impressed upon me the value of old things, of cherishing things and passing them on… read more →

Lactation consultant headache #3, 700, 006!

My client had chosen to stay in the pediatric unit with her newborn, who was being kept to treat an infection with intravenous antibiotics In this way, she was able to breastfeed whenever her baby needed, and keep her baby in arms. Two nurses on one night shift strongly urged my client to put her.. read more →

Teacher training journal: entry #1

Ego drives me to injury. Now that I am doing much more yoga than ever before, I am finding more errors in my technique via painful body parts. This means re-leaning poses, like Adho Mukha Śvānāsana (Down Dog) and in my transition from Phalakasana (High Plank) Chaturanga Dandasana (Low Plank). This means dropping my knees.. read more →

13 May 2018
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Brandywine Festival: the Clash of ’83

Now that festival season is approaching, we are looking forward to Mt. Airy Fiddler’s Convention,  I found this composition I wrote, 35 years ago. Names have been left out to protect the innocent. (LOL.) *******************************  I don’t want to forget any marvelous times that I can remember when I was at the Brandywine Mountain Music.. read more →