Blog: Morning ThoughtsThere are always new stories and new ideas. The stories come from mothers, babies, and research. The ideas come from me, based on 46+ years of clinical practice, and observation. The ideas arrive mostly in the morning. Hence the category: Morning Thoughts.

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Birth and breastfeeding: Same for all mammals.

This summer, at the 3rd wonderful Wheatland Music and Dance Camp, I discovered a book “The Homesteader’s Handbook to Raising Small Livestock” by Jerome Belanger (Rodale Press 1975). I’ve always wanted to raise chickens so the title caught my attention. In it, I found this powerful phrase on p. 119,  about goats: ” Moving any.. read more →

Protest, acceptance and love

Today I was given another lesson about acceptance and love; that lesson is that they are more important than achievement or performance. Showing up and being 100% involved, along with an open heart give great pleasure, no matter what the outcome. Performance may be imperfect, and accepting that imperfection with love is completely satisfying. The other.. read more →

Compassion has several levels.

My father regularly complained to me for the last few decades of his life about his memory, his body shape and other changes of aging. He died at nearly 91. I used to say, “Year, yeah. . .” and change the conversation because I didn’t like to hear about anything that I couldn’t fix. Now.. read more →

Gums and teeth

Going to the dentist always makes me nervous as I anticipate painful procedures and huge holes drilled in my wallet. I never want a root canal. I never want gum surgery. Last year, at my yearly check-up, my gums were downgraded from the 1s and 2s that they had always been, to 4s and 5s;.. read more →

The accident

 My passenger and I walked away; the driver of the minivan not only walked away, he drove away after he was done with the policeman. We were all lucky. While my body is full of little aches, my biggest pain is mental as I revisit the accident repeatedly. What happened? How did my sweet trusty.. read more →

Update July 8, 2017

My dear blog has been a casualty of a life change that began the day after the election, November 8, 2016. (A day that will live in infamy, like December 7, 1941.) Now, my creative energy goes into political activity,  instead of writing in my blog. I am talking to strangers all the time, telling.. read more →