Blog: Morning ThoughtsThere are always new stories and new ideas. The stories come from mothers, babies, and research. The ideas come from me, after 30+ years of clinical practice, usually in the morning. Hence the category: Morning Thoughts.

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2016, an historic vote.

Today was the first time I was excited to vote. Today was the first time that I wept several times when voting. I came home from work, and changed into white to honor the suffragettes.  I cast my vote for the first woman president. I stared at the ballot, savoring her name, officially there. I.. read more →

Stories from the birth world.

Liz works as a doula, a professional labor assistant. She says, “I walk a fine line when I work in a hospital. I am there for the birth woman and her partner and family. And, I am always under scrutiny by the hospital staff. Sometimes I am welcomed by the nurses as they are so.. read more →

Big snake, little girl, and the mob.

I grew up during the 1950s in a blue-collar suburb of Schenectady, New York, a mini-village of mostly Italian and Polish Catholic families. As my father was Jewish and a white-collar worker at the General Electric plant, and my mother was a city person whose lack of social skills scared people, we did not fit.. read more →

My dad’s Army jacket.

I am sitting in the outdoor office, with a pile of sunflower seeds to attract the chipmunks, and a mason jar of homemade cider kefir and tea. I got chilly, went in, got a hat and. . . . my father’s army jacket. Here is a photograph of him wearing it; he’s 20 at the.. read more →

Reassuring words

It is time to renew my driver’s license. That means a photograph. I want my portrait to show me at my best; we all know that a driver’s license photograph can be less than lovely. I prepare carefully, with make-up, and the right earrings, and the right color shirt with a flattering neckline so that.. read more →

Avenging Angel, Sinz, February 1945.

Once censorship was lifted, my father could fill in details for his family. It is personally interesting to me that my father’s parents and brothers, and aunts, uncles and cousins were all part of a support network that helped him to survive the war. He had a large network of people writing to him and.. read more →