18 Jul 2018

I eat carefully to feel good and stay healthy; this means no dairy, no wheat, lots of fruits and vegetables (always organic), and no sugar. This is good for me; my blood pressure, my gut and my weight are happy.  I am not tempted to eat such things anymore, and enjoy an increasing commitment to my health as I age.

When I first came to Philadelphia in the 1980s, South Street was very attractive to me. The new-age and fringe stores, the crowds of hippies, and the pervasive smell of weed entertained me for hours. I could find crystals and vintage clothes and crowds of young people, dressed in the latest far-out fashions; on a warm summer night, South Street looked even more exotic and strange, like a live Daliesque painting.

I hardly go there any more; my interests have changed and I have no reason to go.

Today, I went to South Street because it was near to a professional meeting that I attended. I went to my favorite metaphysical store, Garland of Letters. I wandered around the aisles, looking at  books about Eastern philosophy, massage, spiritualism and yoga, candles, chakra banners, crystals, and incense. I bought a few  gifts and then left, and sauntered down South Street towards the Delaware river. The afternoon was glorious: sunny, warm, and not too hot. When I got past 3rd street, I noticed that the Haagen Daaz store was still there, a place I used to visit regularly.  On a whim, I went in and ordered a chocolate ice cream soda, my absolute favorite ice cream dessert, and savored every glorious drop!

I broke all the rules that I have maintained for the past decade. I am delighted, and I feel fine, and am still savoring ice cream soda burps. I feel good that I could give myself a treat, and enjoy it fully.

That’s the thing about treats; they are random and rare, spontaneous and wonderful. I am grateful.





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