The second book.

I never imagined I would have enough to say to write a second book. My first book, Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Breastfeeding Therapy,  was inspired by an exciting idea that fueled 2 years of work, with the final manuscript published in 2011. 11 years ago, I started writing something to help new parents and.. read more →

Meanness breeds meanness.

I felt embarrassed by the White Hours Correspondent’s Dinner videos I saw. I saw mud-slinging. I saw KellyAnne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Saunders hold their heads up, and be gracious and polite during the onslaught of petty remarks that were neither funny nor respectful. While I disagree with their views, I give them the respect.. read more →

Today’s political issues are bipartisan.

My country is polarized.  One side is arguing, “let’s keep the air clean” and the other side is arguing, “let’s make the air dirtier.” Does this make any sense? Everyone has to breathe. . . and have clean clear water to drink. This is a bipartisan issue affecting every single person. My country is polarized.  Sometimes one.. read more →

Listen to people. . . reflective practice

Right now the US is polarized, in just about every arena. Politics are heartbreakingly scary. People’s Uprising’s posted on social media today, “It’s really cool to be alive in America at this point in history because it’s like the collapse of the Roman Empire but with wi-fi.” While I have been reaching out, talking to anyone,.. read more →

Political work is like brushing teeth

You can brush your teeth thoroughly on Sunday, flossing and using a periodontal stimulater and mouthwash. Your teeth will be sparkling clean after that work. To have healthy teeth, you will have to do that every day. Doing it completely and wonderfully on Sunday doesn’t give you an exemption from doing the work on Monday,.. read more →

2016, an historic vote.

Today was the first time I was excited to vote. Today was the first time that I wept several times when voting. I came home from work, and changed into white to honor the suffragettes.  I cast my vote for the first woman president. I stared at the ballot, savoring her name, officially there. I.. read more →