Common Sense breastfeeding II

I was referred to a young couple, parents of a 3-month old, by a friend. The couple was struggling with their baby’s reflux, wanted information about TummyTime!, and breastfeeding. Thanks to the miracle of ZOOM, we all spoke together today. I got to see their sweet baby and their dog. The parent in greatest distress.. read more →

Common Sense Breastfeeding

A nurse from Mississippi sent me an email today that captured the essence of my teaching so well that I want to share it. She said,“You have given me so much to think about regarding breastfeeding – you make it sound like “common sense!” She went on to tell me what she understood after taking.. read more →

Why did I breastfeed?

Why did I breastfeed? I was born in 1950; my baby dolls all came with bottles. The little siblings of my peers in the neighborhood were all bottle-fed. I remember sitting in my high chair, watching my mother making bottles of formula….store-bought formula was too expensive for our family. (To this day, the thought of.. read more →

Has your baby been forced to breastfeed?

After you gave birth, I hope your new sweet baby was put on your chest. What was supposed to happen next is that your baby would rest, start looking at you and your breast, and gradually move over and start breastfeeding. Babies get to the breast by crawling or leaping or sliding. This natural self-attachment.. read more →

6 months postpartum, and still wanting to breastfeed.

RP was clearly anxious and guarded during our initial telephone conversation, where she told me of her dream to breastfeed, even after all this time, and of her hope that craniosacral therapy would help. My intuition spoke to me after she hung up. On the day of her appointment, as the time drew near, I.. read more →

Things MDs said to breastfeeding mothers:

Baby kept in the hospital for a bilirubin level of 11 on Day 3, secondary to “breastfeeding insufficiency.” Baby treated for rising bilirubin level. I made 10 contacts in the first month of the baby’s life. Baby gained 1 pound/week, happy and healthy. . .except that MD told the mother that baby could have liver.. read more →