A Ghost in a Breastfeeding Relationship

Mary called me for help with breastfeeding her 3rd baby, a girl, when the baby was 11 weeks old; her initial complaint was that this baby had gained only 2ounces in 2 weeks, and that the baby frequently “backed away” from the breast. Mary also complained that her baby nursed, “all the time”.  Mary mentioned.. read more →

Posts from the Our Milky Way blog

Thank you, Healthy Children, for inviting me to be a guest blogger!! Here are links to the 4 blog posts I wrote: http://www.ourmilkyway.org/no-rules-in-relationship/ http://www.ourmilkyway.org/celebrating-the-breastfeeding-champions-of-north-philadelphia-an-interview-with-naima-black-clc-coordinator-north-philadelphia-breastfeeding-community-doula-program/ http://www.ourmilkyway.org/a-reminder-to-broaden-the-focus-a-comfortable-breastfeeding-relationship-rests-on-much-more-than-proper-latch/ http://www.ourmilkyway.org/on-becoming-transliterate-an-interview-with-diana-west-ba-ibclc/ warmly, Nikki     read more →

For hospital nurses

As a mother crab and her child were strolling along the beach, the mother crab complained, “Why, child, do you not walk as the other creature—–foreward instead of backward?” “Why mother dear,” replied the little crab, “do but set the example yourself and I will follow you.” MORAL: Example is the best teacher.   (from.. read more →

Guest blogging at Our Milky Way blog.

Dear Reader: I’ve been invited to fill in for the regular blogger, who is taking a maternity leave. (I hope this baby slides out easily, Jess!) http://www.ourmilkyway.org/introducing-julys-guest-blogger-nikki-lee/ I will be posting 4 blog posts for July and August, so take a trip and follow me there. Here is the first one, an interview with Diana.. read more →

Gift from a mother.

Ms First time Mother brought her son for body work because breastfeeding was painful. Oral evaluation at the first visit revealed a tongue-tie, one reason for her pain. (The other reason was uncomfortable positioning, i.e. use of the cross-cradle hold where her breast was stretched into mid-line, and her shoulder was held in a awkward position for.. read more →

Breastfeeding helpers have changed their focus.

I’ve been working with mothers and babies since 1975; I’ve been in private practice as a lactation therapist since 1989. These years have been full and wonderful and I look forward to many more. Something happening today in the language used by breastfeeding helpers, that disturbs me and feels like fingernails across a blackboard. This.. read more →