A Ghost in a Nursing Relationship

SS gave birth to her second child, a son, Mark, who lived only 8 months. He was born with an inability to metabolize copper, a diagnosis reached only 2 months before his death. Some manifestations of his Meinche-Stilhaus syndrome. were neurologic; Mark never rooted well, and had a poor suck from the beginning. He never.. read more →

Belief versus fact

Research shows that facts don’t change beliefs. I have fought against beliefs that don’t make sense to me since I was a little girl. The responses to my different opinions have often been painful. As a  Jewish child I had rocks thrown at me by the neighborhood Catholic children for asking, “Doesn’t your God say.. read more →

After death.

Today, my daughter and son-in-law are at a cemetery for the unveiling of the new gravestone on the grave of his father and her father-in-law, George. Other family members are there too, thinking and remembering, and talking about George. Being at the grave of someone known and loved is a profound experience. One is flooded.. read more →

Postpartum Mood Adjustment Disorder

I volunteered at the Postpartum Support International exhibitor’s table at the Psych Congress in Nashville on September 9.  Psych Congress bills itself as “the nation’s number one conference on practical psychopharmacology.. . . This is a conference for psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychologists, primary care physicians, and other mental health professionals.” Our table was.. read more →

What to do if your elderly relative is being overmedicated:

How are the elderly  overmedicated? They are seeing several specialists in addition to their primary physicians.The specialists never talk with each other, and never ask what medications their patient is already taking. As a result, the elderly can be prescribed more than a dozen medications, plus drugstore supplements. This includes medications with the same functions… read more →

Small acts make a difference.

The walk to the gym and to the local drugstore is short; I like being able to walk instead of using my car. Even when it is raining or snowing, I walk. Trash litters the roadside: candy wrappers, cigar and cigarette boxes, fast food bags, soda and water bottles. As I walk along, I pick.. read more →