Music hath charms. . . .

I am with my Daddy for our last visit in the nursing home before I return to Philadelphia. I brought the magazine section of the Sunday New York Times with me, hoping that this reminder of a decades-long practice will awaken some brain cells. He reads the title aloud, and opens it to read.  He.. read more →

Conversation in the nursing home.

I pull up a chair and sit next to my 90 year old father, who might make 91 in less than 3 months; he’s already outlived his parents.  He is lying on his back, in a lowered hospital bed with side rails up and supporting pillows on both sides. Cushioned mats are next to the bed.. read more →

Letting stuff go.

My husband and I are preparing to move; this is a choice as we age and our house gets bigger, emptier and more expensive. We hope to be close to family, and live in a home that isn’t such an energetic and financial burden. Preparing to move means getting rid of several lifetimes of stuff. For.. read more →

Daylight and inspiration

My blog is precious to me, and I want to nourish it by regularly writing and posting. Lately, that hasn’t been possible. I’ve noticed over the years that as the days shorten, my inspiration to write falters. Maybe hibernates is a better word. I keep thinking that I should write something, but can’t think of.. read more →

Celebrating gut health.

For most of my life, I never thought about my gut, unless it hurt or was sick.  A hot caffeine drink leading to gut emptying was part of my morning routine. I took all this for granted until the day, about 8 years ago, when I stopped drinking a hot caffeine morning drink. When I.. read more →

Evil to him who evil thinks.

Today I was given the most incredible and surprising feedback I have ever received in decades of teaching breastfeeding classes to thousands of people. A participant in the class complained about a photograph that I used to illustrate some points about protecting the right of babies to be breastfed anywhere that they are. In many countries,.. read more →