21st century mothering.

I have been working with babies, birth, breastfeeding, mothers and families since 1975. That’s a lifetime. I get to have opinions, based on observation and on seeing patterns, one of the joys of living to be older.  The opinions are mine, and are shared here as a thought-provoking exercise. I am limited by my own.. read more →

The lonely old lady.

In my work as a visiting nurse in both Baltimore, Maryland and Ulster County, New York, Maryland, I often cared for lonely old ladies. They were almost always white and 70 or beyond. They often had health problems, ranging from degrees of deafness to being wheel-chair bound. They didn’t often have visitors. One benefit of my.. read more →

4 alarms and a boob.

I always ask for a pat-down when going through airport security, to avoid increasing my EMF bioburden. Today, coming home from Jackson, Mississippi, (  http://iflyjackson.com/ ), the TSA trainee gave me the most thorough pat-down I’ve ever received. I imagined that she was massaging me with care and love, and told her that; she smiled and said.. read more →

Big snake, little girl, and the mob.

I grew up during the 1950s in a blue-collar suburb of Schenectady, New York, a mini-village of mostly Italian and Polish Catholic families. As my father was Jewish and a white-collar worker at the General Electric plant, and my mother was a city person whose lack of social skills scared people, we did not fit.. read more →

Reassuring words

It is time to renew my driver’s license. That means a photograph. I want my portrait to show me at my best; we all know that a driver’s license photograph can be less than lovely. I prepare carefully, with make-up, and the right earrings, and the right color shirt with a flattering neckline so that.. read more →

To everything there is a season. . . .

Every month, in all the months of my 20s, 30s and early 40s, I wanted a baby. I would dream of being pregnant, despite any logic or possibility. I could never imagine not wanting a baby because that desire consistently bubbled up out of some inner place.  One day, however, when I was in 43, I.. read more →