To everything there is a season. . . .

Every month, in all the months of my 20s, 30s and early 40s, I wanted a baby. I would dream of being pregnant, despite any logic or possibility. I could never imagine not wanting a baby because that desire consistently bubbled up out of some inner place.  One day, however, when I was in 43, I.. read more →

Hanging Up My Skates

4 years ago, wanting to be sure it was good for me to continue skating,  I went to a sports medicine doctor who x-rayed my knees, said that there were some arthritic changes, along with good space between my femur and tibia, and recommended that I  stop jumping. I immediately followed his advice and gave.. read more →

A difference between men and women?

He and I went to our Sunday morning yoga class, located in a gym in a small mall that also contains stores and a Walgreen’s drugstore. The drugstore called a few days ago, to say that his prescription was ready. After leaving yoga, as we were right next to the drugstore, I suggested that he.. read more →

The death of courtesy.

I was waiting at the intersection for the light to change, and watching the traffic move through the light.  A man in a BMW convertible let fly with a string of profanities, aimed at the driver in front of him, a woman who stopped, shocked, stuck her head out the window, and asked, “What?”  I.. read more →

No wonder I am racist.

Purging is part of my life now, as my husband and I prepare to downsize our living situation. After carrying around many, many bags and boxes of stuff from several households (3 of my own, my grandparents and inherited stuff) for all of my adult life, I am freeing my life by donating, selling, or.. read more →

A new facet of grief.

My stepmother has sent me several boxes full of photographs that were my grandmother’s; I have never seen most of them. Mixed in with photographs of the young marrieds that were my grandparents, are photographs of my father as a young baby, a toddler, a kid, a and young man. I’ve never known or thought of.. read more →