27 May 2019

A young woman wanted to breastfed and was referred to me, the lactation consultant in the program (A Better Start, based out of Osteopathic Hospital in the 1990s)  that was providing her prenatal care.  She had only 2 weeks off before being required to return to school to complete the requirements for her degree. She had little support from her family for her feeding choice, and a lot of hassle from her baby’s father and his family.

We did some problem solving about what could happen when she went back to high school. She was able to make a plan with the school nurse to use the nurse’s office to pump. She did graduate on time, while maintaining her breastfeeding relationship well into her baby’s toddlerhood. She became interested in talking with other adolescents  about maintaining a breastfeeding relationship while  having daily and regular separations from her baby. She counseled another young mother who was able to pump in the nurses’ office too, and who established a happy relationship with her baby.

Encouragement and planning at the right time led to paying it forward.





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