11 Sep 2017

Going to the dentist always makes me nervous as I anticipate painful procedures and huge holes drilled in my wallet. I never want a root canal. I never want gum surgery.

Last year, at my yearly check-up, my gums were downgraded from the 1s and 2s that they had always been, to 4s and 5s; their bleeding during cleaning went from scant to moderate. I was already brushing and flossing every day, plus using roto-points, fancy and wonderful toothpicks. https://www.dentist.net/products/rota-dent-rota-points

I was devastated at learning all those daily activities weren’t enough. The dentist advised visiting every 6 months. I didn’t want to do that, so made an experiment for me to conduct on myself. I bought a dozen periodontal stimulators http://www.gumbrand.com/gum-stimulator-600rqa.html  and started using them at least once a day. They are all over my environment: next to the bed, in the car, in my purse, in my husband’s car, in my cubicle at work, and in my toilet kit.

I never believed I should see the dentist every 6 months just because the dentist told me so.  I am reluctant to take anything a healthcare professional says to me at face value; being a nurse for over 40 years and seeing physicians doing awful things has taught me to be skeptical. My experiment was to see if anything would change with my new dental routine. If the new practices didn’t work, then I would want to go every 6 months, having proved to myself that I had done the best I could.  If the new practice did work, then I could keep on my yearly visit schedule.

My favorite time for dental hygiene is during driving because there I am, sitting for a long time, so it’s a perfect time for multi-tasking.I have been diligent about this practice; on days when I don’t drive, I make time to use the stimulator.

This morning I got a handshake and a congratulations from my dentist. It worked!!! My gums are upgraded, barely bleeding at all during cleaning and scaling, and now rates 2s and 3s, Normal.  He said he’d see me next year.

I am happy and proud.



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