14 Mar 2020

Has your baby been forced to breastfeed?

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After you gave birth, I hope your new sweet baby was put on your chest.

What was supposed to happen next is that your baby would rest, start looking at you and your breast, and gradually move over and start breastfeeding. Babies get to the breast by crawling or leaping or sliding.

This natural self-attachment normally takes between 1 and 2 hours.

It doesn’t always happen. About half of all babies will need more hours, or even a day or two, find the breast themselves.

If the baby doesn’t do this, what should happen is that your baby stays skin to skin,  for hours, while you are both moved together to your postpartum room. Someone should show you how to squeeze some milk out of your breasts onto a spoon, and feed those precious drops of newborn milk to your baby. Do that every few hours.

That should happen, but doesn’t always.

What sometimes happens is that someone takes your breast in one hand and your baby in the other and shoves them together.

Who would put up with the waiter shoving your head in the soup?

Babies don’t like it either.

Forcing the baby to breastfeed can lead to a baby taking one look at the breast, screaming, and refusing to breastfeed. Just what you need,  after you’ve been home for a few days, struggling with breastfeeding.

I use craniosacral therapy (https://www.nikkileehealth.com/about-me/craniosacral-therapist/, skin to skin care, remedial co-bathing, infant massage https://www.nikkileehealth.com/infant-massage-instruction/, and other high-tech, low-tech things to help breastfeeding become easy and fun.

I love helping a family getting breastfeeding on track.

Give me a text at 215-888-0013.



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