Holistic Lactation Consultant

Holistic Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding Education

BreastfeedingAs a holistic lactation consultant I aim to fit in in the most helpful way, helping you and your baby find and settle in to your own unique breastfeeding relationship through nearly 40 years of experience and education.

There is so much that goes into breastfeeding: energy, genetics, vitality, luck, and circumstance.  Every individual has their own dynamic interaction of these elements. Each mother and infant is an individual, and every mother and infant has a unique dynamic together.

Breastfeeding is a relationship; it is far more than the sum of a baby’s feeds, diapers and weight gain. I specialize in supporting that precious relationship.

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Even though breastfeeding is the most natural thing the world, the skills have to be learned. Breastfeeding can pose some questions:

  • What will you do, coming home a day or two after giving birth?
  • How will you know things are okay?Breastfeeding
  • Are you making enough milk?
  • What if your baby hasn’t yet breastfed?
  • Is breastfeeding comfortable and easy?

Other Breastfeeding Problems

I can help you with other problems that can develop:

  • Does your back hurt?
  • Does the baby feel like your baby?
  • Was breastfeeding going well, and is now suddenly painful?
  • Is your baby gaining enough weight?
Is your baby fussy?
  • Do you still dream of a breastfeeding relationship, even after many months?

Experienced guidance, practical advice, and encouragement can relieve anxiety and stress.  Regular follow-up by email or telephone is part of my care.

The Holistic Approach

I practice many different styles of healing: homeopathy, craniosacral therapy, infant massage and aromatherapy. I blend all of these modalities in my holistic lactation consultant office in Elkins Park, PA. I also can come to you in your home by special arrangement.

This  work is what I have loved doing for nearly 40 years, is what I still love doing, and expect to keep loving as long as I live. I can’t imagine retiring, as I get better and better every year.

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