Infant Massage Instruction

Infant massage instruction with Nikki Lee

Learn different ways to touch your baby for comfort, calming, and connection.

Infant MassageInfant massage is a wonderful way to become more comfortable and confident handling your baby. Your gentle touch can build a foundation for loving communication.

Nikki Lee teaches Infant massage in her office in Elkins Park, in your home, and as part of a Developmental Playtime workshop at

Nikki demonstrates on her doll and you copy the massage strokes on your baby. If you can pet a cat or a dog, you can have fun massaging your baby . Nikki’s experience as a Holistic Lactation Consultant and Childbirth Educator brings an uncommon depth and clarity to her teaching.

An ancient art

Infant massage is an ancient art that is simple to learn and easy to fit into your life, as you can massage the little legs during a diaper change, or rub a back while holding your baby in line at the grocery store. Massage helps you to reconnect with your baby after being away all day at work.

An amazing part of infant massage is that it opens new ways to talk with a baby. Babies learn about love through touch first, because they don’t understand words yet. When loving touch becomes part of your parenting relationship, you build a foundation for communication with your baby that can last forever.


Infant Massage Instruction makes a great gift for new parents.

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