28 May 2018

No such thing as coincidence. . . .

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Carolyn Myss PhD, the medical intuitive, has said something like,  “There are no such things as coincidences. Coincidences are for amateurs”.  In other words, everything in the universe is connected. I have found this to be true.

This weekend is probably the last weekend on this planet for my daughter’s sister-in-law, who has been working to recover from pancreatic cancer for the past 3 years. The mother of 2 college aged daughters, the sister of 3, the daughter of 2 living parents, and the wife of a loving husband, she is not yet 50 years old.  Last week, her family wrote this on her Caring Bridge website:

This journal entry to you is made with the heaviest heart and utmost gratitude.

Our beloved one is entering the final phase of her life here, knowing that she is going to a beautiful place free of the pain and challenges of recent past. She has chosen to go into hospice care in belief that this will be the best way to continue.

The tumor is compromising her consistently, and there is no end to the resulting problems. This is no way to live. Within just the last few weeks, she has undergone multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, cancer rehabilitation therapy, and personal guidance and tutoring.

We have been hoping and praying that this would turn the other way, but she hasn’t had good news for months now. It’s been  painful to watch her endure this discomfort for the past few years.  She realizes that there is little to go to battle for any longer.  She has requested we have a good-bye party on Monday. Everyone is welcome anytime from 10am-7pm at her home. This will be a celebration of her life.

I am far from my children as they spend this last weekend with their loved sister and sister-in-law. I feel the ache that comes from the sadness and unfairness of this situation, and the helplessness from being unable to lessen my children’s pain. The texts that I send to them are to let them know that I am thinking of them, and sending love. I wish there was some huge perfect thing I could do or say or writing that would make everything okay. There isn’t.

I was reading a new book this morning, The Magus of Stavrolos, a used book I bought for cheap. A business card fell out, onto the floor. I picked it up and read these words, “We each have a tender, loving heart that seeks wisdom, peace and hope. In that search we will encounter pain, trauma and sadness.”
Amazing! The perfect words to send to my children. Of all the days to have a useful quote fall out of a used book into my lap, this was a perfect one. This is no coincidence. I am grateful.
 Wiggly Bridge in Morning Light

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