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A Breastfeeding Owner’s Manual by Nikki Lee
Are you expecting a child and want to breastfeed? This book contains enough information to help most women get a good start and to keep going for a long time. With this information you will have a great foundation for reaching your goals as a breastfeeding mother. Let this book be your gentle guide to breastfeeding well. Authors: Nikki Lee, RN, BSN, MS, IBCLC, CCE, CIMI, ANLC, CKC, RYT
Hair Lights
Hair Lights are sparkling silk threads that are knotted to your hair; one thread is knotted with one hair. They stay in from 2 to 6 weeks on average, sometimes as long as a year. You can shampoo or color or blow dry your hair, Hair Lights don't care. If you have seen a sari or a silk scarf with sparkling threads, those threads are Hair Lights. $25 for one session that will give you about a dozen HairLights, enough to shine in all directions. If you book a party of 6 or more, you will get your own Hair Lights for free.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Breastfeeding Therapy
Mother and baby breastfeeding issues do not always fit neatly into a management protocol. Sometimes you have to think outside the box and look at complementary and alternative therapies to solve problems.
International Breastfeeding Logo Lapel Pin
This pin is tasteful as jewelry that one could wear anywhere. The design is universally recognized as the international breastfeeding logo.