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The 20-Hour (aka 3-day) Interdisciplinary Breastfeeding Management Course for the US

Breastfeeding Basics Course


The 20-Hour (aka 3-day) Interdisciplinary Breastfeeding Management Course
for the US

This  continually updated course, offered in 12 two-hour Zoom sessions, is the “Breastfeeding 101” recommended by WHO and UNICEF for all maternity health care workers. It offers 20.25 nursing contact hours, 19.5 L-CERPs, and contact hours for CLCs, doulas, and social workers. 

Participant responsibilities are to: sign the chat box in each session, and complete 3 pre-tests, and 3 post-tests. 

The outline of the course comes from Baby-FriendlyUSA. The course is partial fulfillment of Step 2 of the 10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding

Schedule to be determined on request. Fee is $20/person/one day; or $50 for all 3 days

Minimum number of people to offer the course is 6.


Breastfeeding Basics Course

This course is offered in at least 9 three-hour Zoom sessions, and contains two main themes: 1) learning to have helpful conversations with families and parents, and2)learning basic breastfeeding first aid to cover the first two weeks.

In the class, we will: Learn to deal with common situations seen working with pregnant or postpartum people.  Practice a 3-part method for counseling. Sing the Nigerian counseling song.  Do practice role plays. Dispel myths. Learn useful strategies. Have some easy homework. Network with passionate lactivists. The first 4 classes are structured; the last 5 classes will cover topics selected by the participants.

The joy of this class is the time that we take to be sure that all the questions are answered. As there are many different styles of learning, there have to be different styles of teaching. 

After attending 7 of the 9 classes, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for 27 hours of education. 

Schedule to be determined on request.  Fee is $10/person/class

Minimum number of participants to offer the course is 6.


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