22 Apr 2018

For most of my life, I have struggled to say the right thing.

Growing up, I struggled to find the right thing to say that wouldn’t turn my mother into a raging beast, or bring down my father’s scorn.

As a lactation consultant and a nurse, I struggled to find the right thing to say that would solve the problem for the patient. As a friend, hearing something painful or tragic, I would stop, think, and try to figure out an answer that would be educational and helpful.

This sunny spring morning I read a story told by Naomi Rachel Remen MD.  The wisdom of the story is don’t struggle to say the “right” thing.  Instead,  say the simple human thing, the thing that comes from the heart.

After all these years, who knew it could be so easy?



2 Responses to Simple human thing
  1. For some it is not easy, to live from the heart. I know I’ve struggled at times. We get sidetracked, mesmerized by the power of the mind and it’s persuasions, it’s glittering jewels of foil, manipulation and cunning.

  2. Yes, Hilary. This is a challenge, and so worth it. I would add defensive patterns that close and shield the heart to the list.


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