17 May 2014

Sign of a possibly good latch

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If the viewer from the side notices a deep crease below to the baby’s chin, almost like a double chin,  this means that the baby’s mouth is open nice and wide.This crease is adorable!

I say possibly good latch as sometimes the latch looks perfect and the nipple comes out of the baby’s mouth looking perfect. But the mother is having intolerable pain. Breastfeeding is more than a visual art.

Here’s three websites with wonderful pictures. Scroll down to see a picture of a newborn with that lovely chin crease:  http://lolaschild.com/2013/08/breastfeeding-a-true-story/

Scroll down to June 21, 2010 ” A perfect latch” to see another: http://second9months.wordpress.com/category/breastfeeding/latching-breastfeeding/

Scroll down to “Latching On”: http://www.natural-pregnancy-midwife.com/latching-on.html


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