02 Aug 2023

Small acts make a difference.

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The walk to the gym and to the local drugstore is short; I like being able to walk instead of using my car. Even when it is raining or snowing, I walk.

Trash litters the roadside: candy wrappers, cigar and cigarette boxes, fast food bags, soda and water bottles. As I walk along, I pick up that trash and throw it away at my destination.. Sometimes, when there is a lot of trash along my route, my hands get full. Then, as if ordered, a crumpled plastic bag is the next thing I find. How convenient. It is as if the universe knows that I needed a bag.

If I leave trash lying on the ground, and leave it there, it is as if I discarded it.

I like feeling that the road behind me is clean and neat; the road behind me looks better than the road ahead of me.

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