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TummyTime (Description written by Colette Acker, BA, IBCLC, Executive Director, Breastfeeding Resource Center, Abington, PA.)

“The American Academy of Pediatrics says to place our babies on their backs to sleep. Many gadgets we place our babies in have them lying on their backs as well. (Think car seats, baby swings, cribs.) Lying on their backs for too long can lead to head shape concerns and developmental issues.

Did you know babies need to be on their tummies for at least 6 hours a day to build their core strength and help them reach important milestones such as crawling and walking?

You may have read about TummyTime and want to do it, but your baby doesn’t like it. With me, you will learn some ways to help your baby enjoy TummyTime.”

Text/email me to learn some great techniques to help your baby develop strength & reach those milestones.

Developmental Playtime ( a combination of Infant Massage and TummyTime!) classes are  offered at https://www.kithkin-community.com/  so check their schedule.

Developmental Playtimetummytime

tummytimeInfant massage and TummyTime together can:

  • Improve sleep (sleep is as important as food)
  • Enhance GI function (baby fussy, gassy, colicky?)
  • Promote optimal head shape (love the rounded look, to match the cheeks!)
  • Facilitate physiologic brain development (big word meaning that your baby’s brain grows the way it should.)
  • Breastfeed more easily (yay!)
  • Develop core strength and optimize physical development (Your baby’s body will be more balanced and symmetrical.)
  • Build trust and safety (and fun too.)

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