08 Jul 2017

Update July 8, 2017

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My dear blog has been a casualty of a life change that began the day after the election, November 8, 2016. (A day that will live in infamy, like December 7, 1941.)

Now, my creative energy goes into political activity,  instead of writing in my blog. I am talking to strangers all the time, telling them that the SHCA (or whatever it is called) is stalled because of all of us calling and tweeting and commenting and messaging. Together, we do matter. Now we are encouraged to keep calling our legislators until August recess, to remind them that we, the 99%, exist and need our government to continue to make it possible for the most number of people to receive health care.

I am infinitely grateful for the website, http://www.5calls.org, a primer for someone ignorant of most things political, as I was last November. Check it out. Type in your zip code. Learn  your peeps and their contact information, as well as a script for the issues (either side).

Monday through Friday almost every week for the six months, I have called my senators (local and national) and representatives (local and national). It is my morning call to prayer. Their numbers are in my cell phone.

Today, at the G20,  everybody in the world sees my country’s illness. We here in the US do nothing, pretend he is well-dressed, and smile at him, “Good President, good President!” ( Cue some pats on his head.)

The big change we must choose is to give up some comfort because being politically active isn’t convenient;  it is kinda like having a baby. You want a baby, and you get a baby and then you are making them do homework and clean their rooms, activities that are necessary and not fun!!!   If we want a better government, we have to work for it. And, like having a baby, it is worth it!!!   We must get up early, instead of sleeping in. We must organize, plan and do, instead of going with the flow. We have to show our legislators that we matter, and that what they want is only okay for them and no one else.

Being politically active means more than voting. It means getting involved with people, and joining organizations, and reading the news, and talking about what has to happen with everyone in your network.

As there are only 24 hours in the day, and it takes time to be politically active, something else has had to go. For me, that is my blog.

Daily gratitude practice continues to be essential for a centered, more relaxed life. (As well as staying off Facebook and the Internet!!).  Many times a day I am grateful for family, for safe neighborhood and green woods, for sunlight, birdsong, and everything I need to write while the summer sun slowly sets and the sky darkens.

Family grows more precious each day. I don’t want to waste a second of my life, now that I know there are more birthdays behind me than in front of me. I want to celebrate the good times, and be grateful.

So no blog for a day, or a month, or a decade. And, it will be back. Life is change. I want to embrace change. (Something new and scary for me, and that makes me curious.)



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